Welcome to Dev.Sertone.Com!

Sertone Developers Central is the website which provides you the necessary information on how to quickly get started with using Sertone IOT Network. This page contains all links to references and guides starting from creating an account, to using the dashboard, registering gateways, adding applications, registering motes and setting up data delivery methods.

Sertone is a global IOT network which supports Lorawan technology so any compliant Lora gateway or mote should be able to connect. Apart from supporting Lora gateways and motes, Sertone IOT Network is capable of delivering your payloads to any major IOT providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google, etc. As you can see, Sertone can send your data to your preferred location as soon as we receive them.

Sertone is a global crowd deployed Lorawan network which means we aim to deploy the network worldwide with the support of the Sertone community. To help the Sertone users, we give free number of motes on creation of an account! If you have installed your own Lorawan gateway, we give more free number of motes during registration of gateway. As soon as you have created an account and/or registered your gateway, you can now join the global Sertone network!

Your Sertone Account

Before anything else, we need first to sign-up for Sertone account! Once you have a Sertone account, you can use it to access the console or dashboard. Upon successful registration, you should be able to see the free motes added to your subscription. Hence, by just creating an account, you will have free motes subscriptions which allows you to add sensors or motes for free and have their data delivered to any delivery method available.


The Sertone console or dashboard is the tool for managing your gateways, applications, motes, and data delivery methods.


We support different Lora gateways such as poly packet forwarder or single-channel gateways. But if you have a different gateway or not sure if Sertone could support it, please contact us so we can confirm. Once you are able to register your gateway, you can see an additional number of free motes added to your total subscriptions.


Applications are used to group your motes so you can manage them easily. Once you have created an application, you can register your motes either via ABP or OTAA method. Each application can only have one data delivery method attached to it so all motes under it will be delivered the same way.


Once you have an application created, you can add one or more motes under that application. A mote can be registered via ABP or OTAA method. Once we receive the payloads for each mote, we will deliver them according to the assigned data delivery method for the application where it belongs.

Data Delivery

One of the features of Sertone IOT network is its ability to send your motes data or payloads to any of the major IOT providers such as Amazon, Microsoft , IBM, Google, etc. You can choose from our growing number of data delivery methods so that your motes payload are delivered anywhere you want them to be delivered.


When you need to register motes and your free motes subscriptions is not enough to cover your setup, you can buy any of our available subscription plans. Once you purchased a subscription plan, you will be able to see that the total paid subscriptions are updated. The paid subscriptions and the free motes are added to become your overall allowed subscriptions. Each subscription corresponds to a mote which you can register. The dashboard will show you everything about the status of your subscriptions and how much you can register anytime.

SDKs & Sample Codes

We have published in Github some of the libraries which might be useful in developing programs related to using Sertone IOT network.